Sustainable Development Goal Three: Quality Education Icon.

Quality Education

Promoting inclusive, quality education.

Education and vocational training are critical in accessing good paying jobs that lift individuals out of poverty, and life-long learning helps to create productive members of our global community. Providing entryway to opportunities of quality education is a concrete way to produce sustainably-literate, well-rounded people.

COVID-19’s Effect on Higher Education [53:11]

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced U.S. higher education to reinvent itself on the fly. This panel discussion considers how higher education has responded to the crisis, and how the pandemic may change higher education in both the short- and long-term. (4/21/20)

The Future of Teacher & School Leader Education [1:39:42]

Arthur Levine, PhD President, Woodrow Wilson Foundation, spoke at the Graduate School of Education's Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series. (3/28/16)

Denice Adkins presents “School Libraries Supporting Mental Health in Rural Communities: Strengths, Opportunities and Barriers” [57:07]

Countering Structures of Racial and Social Injustice: Community Partnerships in Research & Practice [1:24:15]

UB Community for Global Health Equity (9/11/20)

Race and Privilege on Campus [7:26]

 (UB 10/24/16)

White students and students of color often report such radically different experiences on college campuses that it is difficult to believe that they are attending the same campus. It is almost as if individual campuses essentially function as two campuses — one for white students and the other for students of color. Race and privilege, two uncomfortable topics for many, are often at center of the bifurcated perceptions.

Sustainable Courses