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Sustainable Cities and Communities

 Developing safe, resilient and sustainable places to live.

Emissions free transportation, resilient urban centers, cities with walkable neighborhoods and no air pollution. All of these are necessary and attainable for a sustainable planet. The majority of people live in cities- that’s what makes this goal so important. Located in a metropolitan area, our university has a direct impact our region’s sustainability. 

Adapting Buildings: Climate Resilience Primer Course [54:44]

This course provides an overview for New York State building professionals about the state of resilience research for the building sector. Build resilience with the new webinar series Adapting Buildings for a Changing Climate! Join the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning Resilient Buildings Lab, in work contracted for and sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), for a series of webinars focused on understanding the impacts climate change has on the State’s building sector.

Synopsis: From Sandy to Snowvember: Climate Change and Buildings in New York State Symposium [2:36]

This symposium draws together academics and practitioners from the Northeast and Great Lakes regions to address critical questions in climate resilience applicable to New York State, including how built environment professionals respond to a changing climate; how building stock can adapt to climate change in New York State; and how resilience is currently being addressed by built environment professionals. Participants will also hear results from recent research conducted by UB, L&S Energy Services, and Weather Analytics and supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. (12/1/2016)

Going to School in a Segregated City [4:04]

What does urban segregation mean to you? Do you benefit from it? Suffer because of it? This conversation is about urban color lines, how they came into being, what they do to American society and how to change them. (Univeristy at Buffalo, 10/24/16)

Hurricane Florence in New Bern, NC (2018): An In-Depth Case Study of the Local Food Environment [59:16]

This is a virtual recording of CGHE's Brown Bag Seminar that took place on Tuesday, May 12th. This seminar features Dr. Lauren Clay, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Administration, and Public Health at D'Youville College. Her talk is titled "Hurricane Florence in New Bern, NC (2018): An In-Depth Case Study of the Local Food Environment".

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