The University at Buffalo GRoW Clean Energy Center

UB’s GRoW Clean Energy Center is available for use as a tour, meeting and event space for small groups.

Permanently situated at 150 Service Center Road on UB's North Campus on the edge of a 3,200-panel Solar Strand, this ultra-energy-efficient demonstration home was originally built by students, faculty and staff for a national competition and now serves as a clean energy education center.

The center’s design accommodates up to two dozen people. The space includes a conference room, a greenhouse and solarium called the GRoWlarium, a wraparound deck with outdoor seating, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Sliding open an accordion door turns the conference room into a larger presentation area with seating for an additional audience in the GRoWlarium, which was originally designed to be used to grow food year-round. Its highly insulated walls and windows regulate temperatures during cold winters and hot summers.

Tours of both the Solar Strand and GRoW Clean Energy Center can also be provided by graduate students within UB Sustainability for community and school groups.

Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance.

If you are a student, please reach out to Kayla Owen at to schedule arrangements.

GRoW home.

GRoW at the 2015 Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition.

GRoW as Teaching Space.

The interior of GRoW being used as a teaching space to host the 2024 Carbon Reduction Challenge presentations.