Latest News

  • Town hall highlights progress implementing PACOR recommendations

    On November 16th, senior leaders at UB convened a virtual town hall meeting to present the university's advancements in dismantling barriers to equality and fostering a more inclusive campus environment for living, learning, and working, with these gatherings serving as a means to keep the UB community informed about the ongoing implementation of goals pertaining to this pursuit of equitable progress.

  • UB Sustainability awarded Second Nature Catalyst Grant

    UB Sustainability has recently been awarded the Second Nature Catalyst Grant, which will work to initiate new and continue previous work in decarbonization and climate resilience, ultimately advancing UB's climate action plan. The flexibility of this grant will facilitate support for initiatives promoting climate justice, enabling UB to conduct a series of workshops connecting the campus community. These workshops aim to establish long-term climate goals and foster collaboration among members of the university community.

  • UB climbs in undergrad entrepreneurship ranking

    Once again, UB has been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review as one of the leading institutions for undergraduate entrepreneurship studies in the country. In the annual ranking, UB secured the 44th position nationwide, marking a four-spot improvement from the previous year. Additionally, UB achieved the impressive rank of 7th in the Northeast region.

  • Greenland’s glacier retreat rate has doubled over past two decades, study finds

    UB researchers, collaborating with Northwestern University and the University of Copenhagen, have uncovered evidence of a widespread and rapid retreat in Greenland's peripheral glaciers. The study highlights a concerning trend in response to human-caused climate change, underscoring the urgent need to address the implications for global sea level rise.

  • Buffalo SOUP returns to promote sustainability, environmental education

    Buffalo SOUP sets the stage for an impactful crowdfunding event at Resurgence Brewing Co. on November 16, focusing on sustainability and environmental health education. Engage with the community, donate (suggested $5-$25), and cast your vote to support local initiatives driving positive change.

  • UB researchers study if freshwater mussels can clean Niagara River

    In conjunction with a $500,000 grant from the New York State Power Authority Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Fund, UB Dept. of Enviornment and Sustainability professors are spearheading a new study to explore the feasibility of reintroducing freshwater mussels into the Niagara River, with the aim of naturally cleansing the waterway.

  • Study links changes in global water cycle to higher temperatures

    UB researcher and geologist Dr. Elizabeth Thomas co-authored a recent study that highlights the correlation between shifts in the water cycle and rising global temperatures through the analysis of geological data sampling.

  • ‘Holiday hammock’ trend can put shoppers over budget, more items in landfills

    Charles Lindsey and Michael Krupski, experts from the UB School of Management, recognize that although the holiday shopping season is designed to lengthen each year, we have the ability to modify our consumption habits to align with ethical and sustainable practices when engaging in holiday purchases.