Climate Week 2023

cliamate week 2023.

Events for the Week

Park(ing) Day 

Friday, Sept. 15th

10AM - 1PM

Mary Talbert Way, Outside of O'Brian Hall

Sept. 15 - Park(ing) Day

UB Parking and Trasnportation is back for another Park(ing) Day! Transform a parking space into a hangout space and engage with other members of the campus community. 

GRoW Invasive Species Removal

Saturday, Sept. 16

11AM - 5PM

Behind the GRoW Clean Energy Center

Sept. 16 - Invasive Species Removal

Join UB Sustainability for a day of fun as we set out to remove some of the invasive species that inhabit the field space behind the GRoW Clean Energy Center! All materials will be provided - gloves, water, snacks - but we ask that you please wear long pants and boots. 

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Global to Local Racial Justice Series:

From Environmental Racism to Environmental Reparation: The Story of One American City

Monday, Sept. 18 - 12:30-1:30PM

Via Zoom

Sept. 18 - Global to Local Speaker Series

The Global to Local Speaker Series are one-hour presentations facilitated by an expert on a specific topic that has both global context and local relevance. These presentations provide an opportunity for students and staff to learn about international issues and how they can be understood through a social work lens.

Dr. Jennifer Roberts' presentation will tell the Queen City’s story of environmental racism and how the Kensington Expressway bifurcated a Black American oasis and share the current reparation efforts that are planned to atone this social and environmental injustice.

Campus-Wide Waste Audit

Monday, Sept. 18 - 10AM-5PM

Tuesday, Sept. 19 - 9AM - 5PM

SU Firepit (Courtyard between SU, Knox, and Bell)

Sept. 18 & 19 - Campus-Wide Waste Audit

We'll be conducting a 2 day waste audit to better understand what materials are being used and disposed of on campus. Waste audits help identify opportunities to reduce waste, inform and justify development of sustainable consumption programs, and clearly see where improvements to recycling can be made.

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UB Startup Week - Climate Change Solutions
Monday, Sept. 18 (Zoom)

Wednesday, Sept. 20 (210 Student Union)

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. for both events

Sept. 18 - Creative Climate Change Solutions for UB's Campus (Zoom)

Sept. 20 - Creative Climate Change Solutions for UB's Campus (On-site)

This innovation sprint will have our campus community design innovative projects or programs that will make our campus more sustainable, more resilient, more equitable and less impactful in regards to climate change.

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Zoom Link - Meeting ID: 962 7708 2704 | Passcode: 779452

Sustainability Start-Ups in Residence

Tuesday, Sept. 19

10 - 11:30AM

145 Farber Hall, South Campus

Sept. 19 - Sustainability Start-Ups in Residence

Meet sustainability entrepreneurs in 135 Farber Hall for an informal gathering to hear their inspiring stories and learn about their passion for Social Justice, Equity, and Climate Action. Gain valuable industry knowledge and advice for starting a sustainability-focused business.

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A Space for Pride: Imagining an LGBTQIA+ Resource Center for UB

Wednesday, Sept. 20

1 - 3:30PM

210 Student Union

Sept. 20 - A Space for Pride: Imagining an LGBTQIA+ Resource Center for UB

Finding adequate resources for academic or personal support on college campuses is an issue for members of the queer community across the country. As one of the foremost public academic institutions in America, UB is attempting to address this issue to foster a dynamic and inclusive campus environment for all. 
Whether you're a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally, the UB LGBTQ FSA would like your help in designing a resource center for our queer community.

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UB Sustianable Business Association Guest Speaker: Tracey Wei from Little Salmon

Wednesday, Sept. 20

5 - 6PM

Jacobs 122, North Campus

Sept. 20 - UB SBA Guest Speaker: Tracey Wei from Little Salmon

UB's Sustainable Business Association is inviting Tracy Wei, co-founder of Little Salmon - a zero-waste retail space offering sustainable, eco-friendly product offerings - to speak on the hardships and rewards of operating a sustainable business in an industry dominated by over-consumption.

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UB Bike Days (Multi-Day Event)

Sept. 15, 20, 21 - UB Bike Days

Join UB Parking and Transportation Services for Bike Days! As we all know, reliance on personal, fossil-fuel powered vehicles contributes to a significant portion of our global GHG emissions. In an effort to combat this, Bike Days works to encourage drivers to reduce the time they spend in vehicles by offering free bike tune-ups! 

CAP Student Advisory Board Meeting

Friday, Sept. 27th


GRoW Clean Energy Center

Sept. 27 - CAP Student Advisory Board Meeting

We're pleased to announce the student advisory board meeting on UB's climate action plan will be taking place at the end of this month. Keeping in line with the evolution of UB's climate action plan, this is your chance to have a say in the development of actionable climate goals for the university!

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Pitch for a Purpose (Months-Long Event)

Sept. - Nov.

Amidst the growing concerns regarding Climate Change, sustainable practices and environmental considerations are more important than ever. Participants for this design challenge should seek to design a new product or service that promotes environmental sustainability. The solution should address a specific issue such as reducing waste, conserving energy, or supporting sustainable lifestyles.