QuikPAY Checklist

The HUB Student Center Payment Options link is the gateway to QuikPAY, our full service online solution.

QuikPAY provides students with 24/7 access to view current account activity, electronic billing statements (eBills), make secure online payments, enroll in a payment plan, and enroll in direct deposit for refunds. Through QuikPAY, students also have the option to designate their parent(s) and other parties as an authorized payer. Authorized Payers have the ability to view eBills, make online payments, enroll in a payment plan and enroll in direct deposit of Parent PLUS loan refunds.

HUB Student Center Payment Options QuikPAY Checklist

Students should complete each of the items below to take advantage of the online services provided through QuikPAY:

  1. Log into QuikPAY via the HUB Student Center.  Click on Billing / Payments and then click on Payment Options.  You will then be brought into QuikPAY.
  2. Review the information posted on the Message Board for important announcements and information.
  3. Select the View & Pay Accounts option on the menu bar. Click on Statement Details or Download PDF in the Latest Statement section to view your latest eBill. Check the payment due date listed at the top of the eBill and be sure to remit payment on or before that due date to avoid late fees. Click on the Statement History tab to view your past eBills.
  4. Select the Authorize Payers option on the menu bar to provide parents and other third parties the ability to view and pay the student’s eBill via their own username and password. Students can grant access to as many Authorized Payers as they would like, which is helpful for those families sharing payment responsibility. Authorized Payers receive a notification via email notifying them that the eBill is available to view.
  5. Select the Make a Payment button on the View & Pay Accounts page to make a secure, online payment. You can make payments using a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express) or electronic check (U.S. checking or savings account).
  6. Select the Manage Refunds option on the menu bar to request student overpayment refunds (resulting from financial aid awards or other sources) be deposited directly to the student’s bank account. Direct deposit ensures that students receive their refunds securely and quickly.
  7. Select the Payment Plan option on the menu bar to enroll in an interest-free installment payment option. Payments will be automatically debited on the 15th day of the applicable month from the bank account or credit card you designate.