Published June 20, 2024

Recycling technology startup gets $100K investment

As reported by Buffalo Inno, Buffalo-based tech company recently received a $100,000 investment from the University at Buffalo through Cultivator, an early-stage startup program that can lead to pre-seed funding. builds tools to connect people with recyclers that can help them recycle hard-to-recycle materials like paint and household batteries. Co-founder and CEO Brad London says the recycling industry has a lot of room for opportunity; he and his team "built the technology to meet a lot of needs."

According to the article, is a young company—officially formed in November—but is a decade in the making. What started as a side project of another business is now a full-time gig for London and his wife Suzie, who are both co-founders of A third co-founder, Charlie Porter, works full-time for GreenSheen Paint. 

The team has been doing testing with GreenSheen Paint and in municipalities in three states, including New York. In 90 days of testing, the startup registered over 10,000 users to the platform. As plans a commercial launch this fall, investment from Cultivator will help with testing, hiring contractors, and marketing.

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