Published June 7, 2024

How automation is transforming manufacturing

As reported by the Buffalo News, manufacturers have concerns when it comes to embracing automation and warding off cyberattacks. Panelists at a recent Buffalo Niagara Partnership event on the topic emphasized that it's not something they should shy away from. They discussed that manufacturers are encouraged to adopt automation incrementally and address cybersecurity proactively, while clearly communicating the benefits and impacts of technology to employees.

The article quotes Alan Rae, director of UB’s Center of Excellence in Material Informatics, who notes that technology will be essential for manufacturers, because there aren't enough new workers coming along to replace all the employees who are retiring. “We're going to have to use all the tools we can get – whether it be robots or AI – to leverage the people we can get in manufacturing,” Rae said.

The region is also focusing on developing a skilled workforce for the semiconductor and clean energy industries.

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