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University at Buffalo faculty experts can provide commentary and analysis on topics in the news. For help finding a faculty expert, contact UB Media Relations at 716-645-6969 or ub-news@buffalo.edu.

Note to members of the news media:

The correct name of the university is “University at Buffalo,” not “University of Buffalo.”

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University at Buffalo experts are available to discuss all aspects of artificial intelligence, including its history, societal implications and applications. View UB experts on artificial intelligence.

University at Buffalo experts are available to discuss all aspects of climate change, including its causes, solutions and the diverse ways in which people experience it. View UB experts on climate change.

Expert Tip Sheets:

Driven to Discover: A podcast featuring UB experts

Driven to Discover is a podcast that explores innovative University at Buffalo research through candid conversations with the researchers about their inspirations and goals.

  • LaGarrett King on Teaching Black History
    Black history wasn't part of the curriculum when LaGarrett King was a boy. Now he's on a mission to change that. In this episode, King tells host Vicky Santos why Black history is essential learning for all students, and how his center is helping teachers to get it right.
  • Diana Aga on Forever Chemicals
    After seeing the river she swam in as a child turn black with pollution, Diana Aga became determined to help clean up the planet. In this episode, the renowned environmental chemist talks to host Cory Nealon about PFAS, or forever chemicals: what they are, why they're so dangerous, and what she's doing to take the "forever" out of them.
  • Nicholas Rajkovich on Climate Resiliency
    As a kid, Nick Rajkovich built a wastewater plant in his parents' basement. Today, as an expert in climate resiliency, he his still using design and building to help others. In this episode of Driven to Discover, Rajkovich tells host David Hill how we can (and must) adapt our built environment to withstand an increasingly hostile climate.
  • Stephanie Poindexter on The Slow Loris
    As a child, Stephanie Poindexter loved watching the apes at the zoo. Now she's an expert in the slow loris, a noctural primate that inhabits Southeast Asia. In this episode of Driven to Discover, Poindexter tells host Vicky Santos what it's like to track down this shy creature in a Thai jungle in the middle of the night, and why she does it.

The views and opinions expressed by faculty in commentary to news media are based on their scholarship and/or research and do not represent the official positions of the University at Buffalo.