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Jim Jensen, Chris Lowry in Uganda.

The Community for Global Health Equity (CGHE), supports faculty research that promotes the health and well-being of under-resourced populations by helping reduce the sources and effects of inequity. 

Suspending funding for travel until further notice

The university is strongly recommending that UB faculty, staff and students avoid traveling to regions that are being impacted by the Coronavirus. Until further notice, the Community for Global Health Equity is suspending funding for student and faculty travel.

Travel Funding Criteria

The CGHE collaborates with the leaders, organizations, and policy makers whose primary mandate is to reduce or eliminate barriers to improved health and well-being in low- and middle-income country settings. With affiliated faculty members from across campus, the CGHE brings together the health sciences with disciplines that are inherently focused on the social, economic, political, and environmental conditions leading to inequity in global health. These disciplines include architecture, planning, engineering, and other cross-synergizing disciplines and are collectively called APEX disciplines (geography, economics, anthropology, etc.).

Funding from the CGHE are largely programmed but some funds exist to support faculty travel and collaboration development. Preference is given to faculty requesting funds for work that aligns with CGHE Big Ideas teams.

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