Recognition Credit

“Recognition Credit” in CLICK is not used to evaluate faculty or departmental performance. However, it is used by OVPRED to evaluate CGHE’s impact. If you would like to help ensure the continuity of our community, please give “Recognition Credit” to CGHE for proposals that have benefitted from your involvement with CGHE.

Giving "Recognition Credit" to CGHE in CLICK

1. When you create a grant submission document in CLICK, you are guided through several screens to provide information on the granting agency, key personnel, budget, abstract, etc. Once that is finished, you exit onto the main information page for your grant.

2. To attribute credits, including recognition credit to CGHE, click on the Credit Distribution link on the left-hand side of the submission page, circled in red below. NOTE: you can only do this prior to clicking the “SUBMIT” button to route your proposal through internal approvals.

CLICK screen example.


3. Once on the credit distribution page, you will see a list of the key personnel whose names you input while creating your grant document in CLICK (Step 1). All investigators, along with their primary departments, will appear.  CGHE must be manually added, using the “add” button circled in red below.

Adding recognition credit image.


4. An empty affiliation box will appear after the “add” button is clicked. Inside it, input “030 Global” and “030 Global Health Equity” will appear. Select it.

Select affiliation CLICK example.


5. At this point, “recognition credit” can be assigned to CGHE for support that has led to the development of your proposal. Select the value of recognition credit (%) that you think is commensurate with the level of support you received from CGHE, assigning the balance to your department or center.

Assigning percentages CLICK example.


Of course, it is within the purview of the investigator submitting the proposal to decide if Recognition Credit will be assigned—and if so, at what percentage. That said, please consider using following examples as guidance in determining the level of Recognition Credit you assign to CGHE: 

For CGHE support in the form of:

Please consider giving:

  • External fund identification
  • Assistance with identification of UB or community collaborators

20-30%+ Recognition Credit

  • Research assistance (RA/GA)
  • Faculty or student travel funds
  • Study design consultation and assistance (advice, editing, budget development, etc.)

30-40%+ Recognition Credit

  • All preceding levels of support; substantial levels of proposal writing, editing, and coordination from ideation to submission
  • Dissemination of prior research
  • Seed funding 

50-70%+ Recognition Credit

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