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Climate change, war, and poverty are complex issues with far-reaching effects. Communicating health risks about these issues, while separating fact from fiction, has grown more challenging; cultural differences, political motivations, and new media platforms complicate this further. The public is uncertain who and what to believe. How do we share new genetic research? How do we reveal the hidden dangers of pollutants in our food, homes, and neighborhoods? How do we ethically persuade people to heed warnings of imminent threats, such as epidemics and extreme weather events?
The 1st Annual Global Health Day was organized by the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions' Office of Global Health Initiatives in 2010. This annual event brings together scholars from different disciplines to discuss relevant global health topics. Previous Global Health Day topics have included: Women's and Children's Nutrition in Emergency Settings, Perspectives on Humanitarian Crises Around the World, Extinguishing the Tobacco Epidemic, Treating Neglected Infections, and Air Pollution Across the Lifespan. This annual event is co-sponsored by the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions' Office of Global Health Initiatives and the Community for Global Health Equity. It is traditionally held on the Friday of National Public Health Week. 
Co-sponsored by the University at Buffalo’s Community for Global Health Equity and School of Public Health and Health Professions’ Office of Global Health Initiatives, the annual Refugee Health Summit unites clinicians, resettlement representatives, community health workers, researchers, students, municipal leaders, and refugees. The 5 Annual WNY Refugee Health Summit will highlight the innovative university-community partnerships that have resulted in research, programming, and solutions to improve health and wellbeing for refugees.