• Publications
    With hundreds of publications that align with and cut across our six Big Ideas teams, CGHE research is shaping the trajectory of new global health knowledge.
  • Policy Briefs
    Global Health Equity Research in Translation brings academic research to broader audiences: decision makers, policy makers, advocacy groups, philanthropists, and journalists. The series draws on transdisciplinary health equity research completed with the support of the Community of Excellence in Global Health Equity at University of Buffalo, The State University of New York.
  • Webinars and Videos
    University at Buffalo faculty and students are exploring creative, interdisciplinary ideas to impact global health equity in Buffalo and  around the world. Check out our videos, course content, and other educational resources.
  • Articles and Reflections
    Our faculty, staff, and students contribute articles and reflections that highlight their global health research, education, and outreach.
  • Research Posters
    In 2017 and 2019, UB organized symposiums to highlight the research and accomplishments from the University at Buffalo Communities of Excellence
  • Global Health Programs at UB
    The University at Buffalo is committed to improving population level health in communities around the world. Dozens of innovative research and education programs are harnessing UB's strengths to create impactful change in our local and global communities.
  • External Global Health Programs
    Organizations around the world provide fellowship, scholarship, and internship opportunities for students who are interested in global health career development. We've listed a few below. Contact us if you'd like to discuss any of these opportunities. 
  • Covid-19 Response and Resources
    Community for Global Health Equity faculty proudly work with talented global health advocates around the world. The COVID-19 Pandemic requires that our local and global communities work together at a time when we must be physically apart. Below we have listed opportunities for you to share your knowledge and resources and to learn about ways others are providing for communities in need.