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2021-2022 Building Blocks of Equity Seminar Series

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Global Child Discussion Series 2021

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Planning for Community Food Systems Webinar

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This free webinar series will highlight some of the ways by which local and regional governments interface with communities' food systems. This webinar series draws on research from multiple countries, including Ghana, Jamaica, and India, as part of Planning for Regenerative Equitable Food Systems in Urbanizing Global Environments (Plan-REFUGE).

To receive a certificate of completion, please respond to the following five questions with some of your reflections based on the webinar presentations. Send your responses to foodsystems@ap.buffalo.edu

  1. Please describe in a few sentences how you understand the term community food system. Also, reflect on how this term applies to the community/jurisdiction where you work (please name the community/jurisdiction in your response).
  2. Describe the role of one (1) of the four (4) following actors in local government’s efforts to strengthen the community food system in Clarendon Parish, Jamaica: women, youth, civil society, private sector.
  3. Describe three ways urban, peri-urban, and rural farmlands can be protected from competing land uses (e.g. commercial and residential real estate development) in Accra, Ghana.
  4. Describe key similarities as well as differences in the challenges and opportunities to strengthen the community food system in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala and Khordha District, Odisha, India.
  5. What are the top three actions that local governments can take to strengthen food systems using the O-I-E framework? [Feel free to focus your answer on the community/jurisdiction where you work; please name the community/jurisdiction in your answer.]

The series is hosted by the Community for Global Health Equity and the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab at the University at Buffalo, with support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.