Research Hubs

Each of our Big Idea teams—whether studying the effects of indoor air quality on neonatal health or developing a global database for city and regional food policies—is comprised of researchers across disciplines working collaboratively with government officials, NGOs, and practitioners. What results is a comprehensive, solution-oriented process to improve equity in global health and well-being.

Our Partnerships

We partner with research bodies, dissemination organizations, policy makers and implementers, and professional/practitioner organizations to address the challenge of global health inequity in innovative, transdisciplinary, and solution-oriented ways.

Affiliate Research Groups

  1. Kordas Lab
  2. Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab
  3. Palermo Group
  4. Just Institutions
  5. Inclusive Environments Group

Our Paradigm

The Community for Global Health Equity's aim is to support the entities who most influence global health—to assist the leaders, organizations, and policy makers that can reduce or eliminate barriers to improved global health and well-being for all in settings around the world.

We have organized our global projects using an underlying paradigm to improve equity. Any one of our affiliated faculty members might be working at any specific point along this paradigm (characterization, design, translation, etc.) as well as within varied contexts (individual vs. societal vs. global).