Reproductive health decision‐making among US‐dwelling Somali Bantu refugee women: A qualitative study

Dr. Kafuli Agbemenu, assistant professor of nursing, conducts innovative community-based research to improve the reproductive health of vulnerable and marginalized populations of women living in the U.S. Her most recent study, Reproductive health decision-making among US-dwelling Somali Bantu refugee women: A qualitative study, published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, aimed to explore Somali Bantu refugee women's reproductive health decision-making, as influenced by their resettlement in the U.S. The study revealed that children are, for Somali Bantu Women, considered as wealth. If health care providers are equipped with a more culturally nuanced understanding of factors that influence reproductive health decision-making, they can provide person-centered care that meets their patients needs and is appropriate.

Dr. Agbemenu's research was supported in part by the Community for Global Health Equity. 

Featured Articles and Reflections


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Reproductive health decision-making among US-dwelling Somali Bantu women: A qualitative study | Kafuli Agbemenu PhD, RN, MPH, Ellen M Volpe Phd, RN, FNP-BC, Ervin Dyer Phd, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2018.

Exploring the Experience of African Immigrant Mothers Providing Reproductive Health Education to their Daughters aged 10 to 14 Years | Kafuli Agbenemu, J. Devido, M.A. Terry, M. Hannan, J. Kitutu, and W. Doswell, Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 2018

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