Venu Govindaraju

portrait of Venu Govindaraju.

Research Interests

AI, Machine Learning,  Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval

Application Areas

Biometrics:  Face, Fingerpint, Iris, Multi-biometrics, Fusion, Soft biometrics, Behavioral biometrics
Document Analysis and Recognition:
  Multilingual OCR, Digital Libraries, Historical documents processing
Augmented learning:
 Lecture video processing,   Chart infographics processing
Video analytics:
Activity recognition
Affective computing:
  Emotion analysis. Facial expression recognition

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

113H Davis Hall
University at Buffalo
Amherst, NY 14260-2500

Phone: 716-645-1558; Fax: 716-645-2377

Citation Impact

Citations: 14257
h-index: 62

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Overview Awards Research Publications Activities Talks

Conference Chairs

  • General Co-Chair: International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, (ICDAR ‘13), Washington D.C., Sept. 2013
  • Program Chair, IEEE CVPR Biometrics Workshop (with CVPR ‘12), Providence, RI, June 2012
  • General Co-Chair: International Workshop on Multilingual OCR, (MOCR 11), Beijing, China, Oct. 2011
  • Program Chair, IEEE CVPR Biometrics Workshop (with CVPR ‘11), Colorado Springs, CO, June 2011
  • Area Chair: Indian Conference on Computer Vision and Image Processing, (ICVGIP ’10), Chennai, India, Dec. 2010
  • Tutorials Chair: Int. Conf. on Handwriting Recognition, (ICFHR ’10), Kolkata, India, Oct. 2010.
  • Program Chair, IEEE CVPR Biometrics Workshop (with CVPR ‘10), San Francisco, CA, June 2010
  • General Co-Chair: International Workshop on Emerging Techniques and Challenges for Hand-based Biometrics, Aug. 2010
  • General Co-Chair: International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems, (DAS ‘10), Boston, MA, Jun. 2010
  • General Chair: International Workshop on Multilingual OCR, (MOCR ‘09), Barcelona, Spain, 2009
  • Program Chair, IEEE CVPR Biometrics Workshop (with CVPR ‘09), Anchorage, AL, June 2008
  • Program Chair, IEEE CVPR Biometrics Workshop (with CVPR ‘08), Minneapolis, MN, June 2008
  • Program Co-Chair: Document Analysis Track, Int. Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR ‘08), Tampa, FL, Dec 2008
  • Program Co-Chair: First IEEE Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS ‘07), Washington, D.C., Sept 2007
  • Web and Publicity Chair, IEEE CVPR Workshop on Multi-Biometrics (with CVPR ’07), Minneapolis, MN, June 2007
  • Web and Publicity Chair, IEEE CVPR Workshop on Multi-Biometrics (with CVPR ‘06), New York, NY, June 2006
  • Program Co-Chair, International Conference on Cognition and Recognition (ICCR ‘05), Mandya, India, December 2005
  • General Co-Chair, IEEE Workshop on Automatic Identification Advanced Technologies (AutoID ‘05), Buffalo, NY, October 2005
  • Program Co-Chair, International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR ‘05), Seoul, S. Korea, September 2005
  • General Co-Chair, International Workshop on Document Image Analysis for Libraries (DIAL ‘04), Palo Alto, CA, January 2004
  • General Co-Chair, CVPR Workshop on Document Image Analysis and Retrieval (DIAR ‘03), Madison, WI, June 2003

Editorial Boards

Research Supervision

Post-doctoral Fellows

2004-06 L. Lorigo
Arabic Handwriting Recognition,
Funded by the Directorate of Central Intelligence
2006-07 S. Tulyakov
Fusion of Classifiers

PhD Students

C. Ramiah Accents in handwriting: A novel perspective for handwriting analysis 2014 (expected)
A. Shivram Dynamic hierarchical relational models for handwriting recognition on mobile devices 2014 (expected)
U. Porwal A semi-supervised framework for handwriting analysis. 2014
eBay, CA
M. Malgireddy Language motivated approaches for human action recognition and spotting. 2013
Amazon, WA
X. Cheng A novel multi-sample fusion methodology for improving biometric verification. 2012
Lightpoint, CA
S. Wshah
Word Spotting in Multilingual Documents 2012.
Xerox, NY
D. You A Markov Random Field Framework for Recognizing Annotations Overlaid on Biomedical Images. 2011. NIH, MD
R. N. Rodriguez Transfer Learning for Probability Distributions. 2011. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil
X. Peng Probablistic Framework for Document Preprocessing. 2010. BBN Technologies, MA
A. Bhardwaj Statistical Techniques for Efficient Indexing and Retrieval of Document Images 2010. Abstract eBay, California
A. O. Thomas Enhancing Cyber Security through the use of Synthetic Handwritten CAPTCHAs. 2010. Yahoo! Research, CA
I. Nwogu Statistical Modeling and Inferencing Techniques for Medical Image Segmentation. 2009. University of Buffalo, NY
J. Li Integrating Minutiae Based Fingerprint Matching with Local Correlation Methods. 2009. University of Memphis, TN
Z. Zhang Integrating Facial Expressions and Skin Texture in Face Recognition. 2008. Thesis IBM, NY
H. Cao Enhancement and Retrieval of Low Quality Handwritten Documents. 2008. BBN Technologies, MA
R. V. Yampoliskiy Behavioral Biometrics in Online Gaming Scenarios. 2008. Thesis University of Louisville, KY
F. Farooq Use of Language Models and Automatic Topic Categorization for Indexing and Retrieval of Handwritten Document Images. 2008. Thesis Siemens Medical Solutions, PA
P. Mansukhani Efficient Fingerprint Identification using a Minutiae Tree. 2008. Thesis Amazon Inc., WA
A. Rusu Exploiting the Gap between Human and Machine Abilities in Handwriting Recognition for Web Security. 2007. Thesis Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
C. Wu A Framework for Fingerprint Enhancement and Feature Detection. 2007. Thesis Brandeis University, MA
S. Kompalli A Stochastic Framework for Font-Independent Devanagari OCR. 2007. Thesis Wayne State University, MI
R. Milewski Automatic Search Engines for Handwritten Medical Forms. 2006. Thesis Become Japan Inc.
S. Tulyakov A Complexity Framework for Combining Classifiers in Verification and Identification Systems. 2006. Thesis University at Buffalo, NY
T. Jea Minutiae-Based Partial Fingerprint Recognition. 2005. Thesis IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
H. Lei Sequential Pattern Classification Without Explicit Feature Extraction. 2005. Thesis University of North Texas, Brownsville, TX
A. Teredesai Use of Genetic Programming for Advanced Pattern Recognition. 2003. University of Washington, Tacoma, WA
H. Xue Stochastic Models for Handwritten Word Recognition. 2002. Thesis IBM, Poughkeepsie, NY
I. Krassimir Organizing Multiple Experts for Efficient Pattern Recognition. 2001. Thesis Fair Isaac Inc.
*J. Park Hierarchical Character Recognition and its Use in Handwritten Phrase Recognition. 2000. Chung-Ang University, S. Korea
*S. Madhvanath The Holistic Paradigm in Handwritten Word Recognition and its Applications to Large and Dynamic Lexicon Scenarios. 1997. HP Research Labs, India
*G. Kim Handwritten Word Recognition for Real-time Applications. 1996. Thesis Sogang University, S. Korea

* - Co-Advisor

Masters Students

O. Mukhtar Language Modeling. 2009. Amazon, Seattle, WA  
B. Purkayastha Gesture Recognition. 2009. Hughes Systems, MD  
D. Jose Transcript Mapping. 2008. Microsoft, Seattle, WA  
K. Sridharan Semantic Face Recognition. 2006. TTI, Chicago  
S. Nayak Devanagri OCR. 2006. Morgan Stanley, NY  
A. Mhatre Hand Geometry Biometrics. 2005. Amazon, WA  
S. Chikkerur Online Fingerprint Verification. 2005. MIT, MA  
S. Manocha Security of Biometric Systems. 2004. Patni Computers, India  
V. Chavan Biometrics and Barcode Representation. 2004. Yahoo, CA  
S. Palla Multimodal Biometrics. 2004. Amazon, WA  
D. Bartnik Video Surveillance. 2000. Ultra Scan  
G. Pal Music Index on the Web. 2000.    
F. Zhou Comparing Thinning Algorithms. 2000.