Aaron Weeden

Scientific Programmer

Aaron joined the Center for Computational Research in January 2023. His primary areas of support are software engineering and full stack web development. Aaron previously worked 11 years at the Shodor Education Foundation where he coordinated various student engagement activities for the NSF XSEDE and Blue Waters projects

Supported Projects:

  • ACCESS Metrics (formerly XSEDE XDMoD) - A comprehensive auditing framework for the NSF ACCESS cyberinfrastructure, the follow-on to XSEDE. XDMoD provides detailed information on resource utilization and performance across all resource providers.

Recent Publications:

  • Kramer, W., Panoff, R. M., Lathrop, S., Weeden, A., Gordon, S. I., and DeStefano, L. (2022, December). Impact of Blue Waters Education and Training. Journal of Computational Science Education, 13(2), 21–30. DOI:10.22369/issn.2153-4136/13/2/5
  • Weeden, A. (2021, February). XSEDE EMPOWER: Engaging Undergraduates in the Work of Advanced Digital Services and Resources. Journal of Computational Science Education, 12(2), 22–24. DOI:10.22369/issn.2153-4136/12/2/5
  • Lathrop, S. A., Cahill, K., Gordon, S. I., Houchins, J., Panoff, R. M., & Weeden, A. (2020, July–August). Preparing a Computationally Literate Workforce. Computing in Science & Engineering, 22(4), 7–16, DOI:10.1109/MCSE.2020.2994763
  • Houchins, J., Lathrop, S., Panoff, R. M., & Weeden, A. (2020, January). Blue Waters Workforce Development: Delivering National Scale HPC Workforce Development. Journal of Computational Science Education, 11(1), 26–28. DOI:10.22369/issn.2153-4136/11/1/5
  • Weeden, A., Heinemann, C., Thompson, S., Foss, C., Ludin, M., & Houchins, J. (2019, July). The Blue Waters Petascale Institute: Longitudinal Impact and Assessment-Driven Development of an Intensive, Hands-on Curriculum for Teaching Applications in HPC. Proceedings of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing on Rise of the Machines (learning) (PEARC19). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 85, 1–8. DOI:10.1145/3332186.3337771


BA Computer Science - Earlham College