Tony Kew

Tony Kew.

Storage Area Network Administrator

Tony has been with the Center for Computational Research since 2002.  He is currently working towards his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo.

Areas of Support:

  • Consulting on all aspects of data storage. I/O performance, data retention, data backup, restoration, and archival.
  • Consulting on Ethernet network configuration including layer 2 switching and trunking and layer 3 switching (routing) and trunking.
  • Consulting on system administration issues under Linux (RedHat/CentoOS/Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Solaris , HP-UX)
  • Consulting on IPv6 configuration, testing and implementation; including DNS(bind), radvd and dhcpv6 configuration.


  • Maintenance and administration of the CCR network-attached storage solutions and cloud storage
  • Configuration and administration of the internal core and edge network switches
  • Linux System administration support