Dori Sajdak

Dori Sajdak

Senior Systems Administrator

Dori has been with the CCR since 2002.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University at Buffalo.  Dori is our primary point of contact for the Help Desk Portal.   

Areas of Support:


UNIX-based Operating Systems:

  • Support hardware and software on the Center's UNIX-based clusters & servers
  • Manage all user accounts for the Center
  • Lead administrator on several Chemistry clusters
  • Lead administrator on project
  • Assist in support CCR's Eucalyptus research clouds


Windows & MacOS:

  • Primary support for all hardware and software on Windows PCs and servers
  • Support internal staff hardware and software including: active directory services, Windows update central services, Symantec Anti-virus central server, and Webroot Spysweeper central server. Also support all staff printers and various peripherals.
  • Support training center of 7 PCs in the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences building. This has been used for the high school workshop and other software training classes.


  • Primary system administrator for bioinformatics systems & support Buffalo Institute for Genomics servers
  • Installed and primary admin maintaining specialized servers for mass spectrometry applications:
    • Sequest cluster contains a Windows server head node and 8 linux nodes
    • Mascot runs on a Windows server

Web Design & Maintenance:

  • Web site design and support of web servers