Lake Effect Research Cloud now in production

Lake Effect is the University at Buffalo's Research Computing Cloud

Published October 24, 2016 This content is archived.

CCR is pleased to offer the Lake Effect Research Cloud to all faculty, staff, students and collaborators at the University at Buffalo.  


The term "cloud" means different things to different people.  Lake Effect is a subscription-based Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) cloud that provides root level access to virtual servers and storage on demand.   UB's Research cloud, affectionately known as Lake Effect, was put into service to provide infrastructure CCR wasn't previously able to provide to it's users.  CCR's primary role is to provide high performance computing and high end visualization to UB's researchers.  We are now able to assist researchers by providing servers for them to test software and databases, run websites for research projects, and a slew of other use cases that will work to benefit your research needs.  Our cloud is 100% compatible with Amazon's Web Services (AWS) to allow our users to go between the two services.  Cloud subscriptions are available for a nominal fee and all money is used towards cloud expansion.

For more information about Lake Effect, please review the links to the left or see the complete list of cloud documentation on our help desk portal.