Majors & Careers

Your life and career path may have many unexpected turns. For example, a campus job led Christina Kim '14 to choose a completely different major.

It’s OK if you don’t know what to do with your life yet. At UB, you have time to figure it out — and countless opportunities to try new things. Of course, you can always rely on our experts to answer questions and help you decide what to do next.

There is More Out There to Discover.


You don't need to be 100% sure to take action. Test out your interests. You might discover something you love, that's also a career. 

Build Your Connections

Building your connections is a fancy way of making new friends. There is no easier way to make new friends than with people who have something in common with you. 

UB alumni have something in common with you. Hint: They all went to the UB and went through the same thing as you.


Get more out of your internship than just credit. Internships are a great way to test if a career is right for you. Plus, its skill-building at its best to round out that resume and Bullseye powered by Handshake profile.

Volunteering Opportunities

Find ways to develop your leadership skills, serve your community and become more involved throughout your time at UB with the Office of Student Engagement.

Experiential Learning

Get real-world, hands-on experience through experiential learning opportunities. Apply what you’ve learned and explore your interests, while gaining valuable skills that will help you stand out.

I'm Ready to Get Experience.

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