2022-2023 Move-In Guide

Moving in to your new room or apartment at UB is an exciting time. Whether you're coming from across the state or around the world, we're here to help make the process as easy and fun as possible.

On this page:

Before Move-In

Understanding Your Room Assignment

Housing Portal View

How to View Your Room Assignment
  1. Login to the housing portal
  2. You will see your assignment at the bottom of the first screen.
  3. From any other portal page, simply click "Home" on the main menu bar
Label Explanation
Room Room number
Room Type Room Configuration
Location Hall or Village Name

Key Label View

Label Code Explanation
RM# Room number
Bedspace Assigned bed within your room
XXX Hall or Village Code (see chart)
00X Building number in Hall/Village
Floor X Floor in building
PN Your UB Person Number
Mailbox Combo Code to unlock your personal mailbox
Bathroom Your assigned floor bathroom
Bathroom Combo Code to unlock your assigned floor bathroom

Hall/Village Codes

Code Room Location
CLE Clement Hall
CLI Clinton Hall
CRK Creekside Village
DEW Dewey Hall
EVA Evans Quadrangle
FAR Fargo Quadrangle
FLK Flickinger Court
FNT Flint Village
GOO Goodyear Hall
GRE Greiner Hall
HAD Hadley Village
LEH Lehman Hall
RED Red Jacket Quadrangle
RIC Richmond Quadrangle
ROO Roosevelt Hall
SLV South Lake Village
SPA Spaulding Quadrangle
WIL Wilkeson Quadrangle

Plan for Packing

Contact your roommate and decide what you’ll each bring. You may only need limited amounts of residence hall and apartment items, (carpets etc...). Remember that many items can be purchased once you get to UB. There are items that are prohibited, so review the list before you pack!

Shipping Items to Campus

You can ship belongings to campus after August 15.

> Learn more about shipping.

Your Room: Know What's Included


Purchase renters insurance if you are not covered by your parent/guardian's policy. Buy coverage before you get to UB. This is highly suggested for both residence hall and apartment residents. 

During Move-In

For detailed check in and move in instructions, select your residence hall or village below:

Moving Carts

  • Moving carts are available in designated areas
  • Carts must be checked out with a staff member before use.
  • A UBID is required for check out.
  • Only one cart can be issued to each student at a time.
  • Carts should be returned as soon as you are finished using them.
  • Carts must be returned to a staff member in a designated area.
  • Carts can only be issued and returned during posted business hours.
  • If your cart is not returned by the close of business, keep it until the following day.
  • Unreturned carts will be assessed an $84 replacement fee.
Check-in Hours
Dates Times
Thursday, August 25 9am - 6pm
Friday, August 26 9am - 6pm
Saturday, August 27 9am - 6pm
Sunday, August 28 12pm - 6pm

Ellicott Complex Map

After Move-In

Connecting to Technology

Connecting your new technology is a big part of getting settled!

UB provides encrypted Wi-Fi access with the eduraom network, available in on-campus apartments and residence halls.

Visit buffalo.edu/ubit/connect to find out how to connect your devices to eduroam Wi-Fi on campus.

Download Free Software

Software like Microsoft 365 and more is available, including secure cloud storage from OneDrive, UBbox, and other services.

UB Print Anywhere

Students can now print from kiosks all over campus! They're convenient, environmentally friendly, and safer because you can print touch-free!

> Learn more about printing on campus.

Parking and Parking Permits

  • All residents who choose to have a car on-campus must have a University resident parking permit as indicated by the letters RES above the permit number.
  • If you live in the residence halls, you can park in one of the nearby lots (weekend visitors can park in a residence hall lot without a permit after 3 p.m. Friday).
  • Apartment parking is slightly different. Once you have received your University parking permit, bring it into the community office in your apartment complex to receive a University Apartments sticker.
  • If you do not have a University Parking Permit you will need to contact the Campus Parking and Transportation office.
  • If you have a guest visiting you, please have them visit the Parking and Transportation office to receive a guest parking tag.
  • Cars without proper authorization will be ticketed and/or towed.

Opening Week Events

FOCUS for the culture - Festival of Culture Uniting Students.


Thursday, August 25 @ 8:00pm

Join your new neighbors and classmates for a student-led parade from the Student Union to Greiner Hall. Then stay for the party where we'll have a DJ, food from local restaurants, and international games.

Campus Living Events

After you get settled into your room it's time to get involved and meet people. Each Campus Living hall and village has it's own page on UB Linked where events will be listed and updated. All you need to do is sign in. You are already a member of the group for the area where you live.

University Wide Events

Illustration of students sitting at Baird Point with a banner that reads, "We are all True Blue.".

We're looking forward to welcoming all of our students back to campus this fall.  Meet new friends and join fellow classmates for events throughout the week to kickoff your UB experience.