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Date Established: 3/5/2004
Date Last Updated: 7/1/2014
Facilities; Health and Safety
Responsible Office:
University Facilities
Responsible Executive:
Vice President for Finance and Administration

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Padlock System Policy

This policy is in effect even though it has not gone through the policy review process.


To establish and implement an effective padlock management policy, provide legitimate access to authorized users, and establish a padlock removal policy guideline.

Policy Statement

Authorizes Padlocks

  • All areas and establishments secured with padlocks shall remain the responsibility of the person in charge of the area. These areas include but are not limited to lockers, interior caged storage areas, file cabinets, etc. The university retains the right to access these non-restricted control areas and examine the contents upon request.
  • The university will not allow the installation of any locking devices which do not conform to the approved standard. The approved standard is a “Safety First” padlock produced by American Lock or Best. All other locking devices are not allowed and shall be removed. Locks which are removed shall not be returned nor will claims for reimbursement of cost be considered.

Policy for Request and Removal of a Padlock

  • It is the department’s responsibility to determine when a padlock is to be removed from its source.
  • Personnel who require access to the padlocked areas in academic units must place a request through Customer Service (761-645-2025) for a Physical Plant tradesman (locksmith) to remove a padlock. For residential areas, please call 716-645-2300 for assistance.
  • The requester or a designee must be present at the time of padlock removal.
  • Prior notification to the owner of the padlocked area is the sole responsibility of the department.
  • Facilities will not be responsible for content removal, inventory, or disposal of any articles inside the source. This is the sole responsibility of the department.


The policy applies to all campus locations that require the use of a padlock to secure property.

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University Facilities 716-645-2028

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Policy Revision History
July 2014
Updated the Responsible Executive to reflect the current organizational structure.