Setting up Your Award

Congratulations on receiving sponsor notification of your funding. Now SPS will work with you to set up your award so you can start your research.

SPS takes the first step by establishing an account in the Research Foundation business system. This account will be assigned a Project-Task-Award (PTA) number, which you need in managing your award.

If necessary, SPS may need to work with you to complete any of the following requirements:

Receiving and Accepting Your Award

Generally, your Notice of Award (NOA) comes directly from the sponsor to UB's SPS Office. Once received, SPS will ensure that you receive a copy of your NOA.

If your award is in the form of a contract or cooperative agreement, your SPS administrator will be in contact with both you and the sponsor regarding any negotiations that may need to take place.

Additionally, some grants may contain special terms and conditions that also will require the attention of the SPS administrator.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) and Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) may be required in some circumstances. If this is the case, your SPS Administrator will facilitate this process with you and with Technology Transfer (TT).

Implementing Your Budget

SPS partners with other UB business offices to support the financial management of your award. This includes establishing your budget in the business system at the time of award and subsequently managing all financial transactions related to your award.

Please keep in mind that it can take up to five business days to establish your award in the business systems.

Budget Revisions

At times, some sponsors require a revised budget before they issue the notice of award.  Your proposal specialist in SPS will work with you to revise the budget if necessary. 


If you are subcontracting any of your awarded funds to another entity, SPS will work with UB's purchasing department, the subcontractor, and you to execute the contract. Prior to executing the agreement, we will work with you on any necessary revisions to the subcontractor's proposed budget.

Cost Sharing

If your award includes cost-sharing, you need to coordinate with SPS to properly account for your department's cost-share committment. Please be sure that you discuss any cost-sharing with your award analyst from SPS.

Ensuring Compliance

In order to perform reasonable and ethical research, faculty and staff members need to complete the following requirements:

  1. Financial Conflict of Interest - A completed FCOI is needed for all awards. It must be filed annually with your respective dean.  SPS will verify this has been done before establishing an award.
  2. CITI Training - There are different training requirements depending on the nature of your research.
  3. UB IRB approval - If your research involves human subjects, a UB IRB approval will be needed before your research begins.
  4. IACUC approval - If your research involves the use of animals, an IACUC approval will be needed before your research begins.
  5. Institutional Biosafety - All research investigations involving Recombinant DNA, infectious agents, or oncogenic materials or agents must be registered with the UBC.

Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property rights are granted to the institution in federal awards. SPS and Tech Transfer work together to negotiate the rights for non-federal awards. Investigator is required to disclose discoveries to Tech Transfer so that they can be evaluated for potential commercialization.