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  • 4/14/21
    Staff members in the OVPRED support and engage all specialized VPRED units to ensure a broad range of services offered to faculty, staff and the community.
  • 4/9/21
    Staff members in Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships engage industry, building relationships with faculty and staff experts.
  • 11/16/20
    The UB Clinical Research Office (CRO) is a centralized office charged with administrative oversight for all clinical research activities of the university's faculty members.
  • 5/14/19
    We are dedicated to supporting UB's research efforts, both on the administrative and program side, providing integrated information services, resources and technologies to the UB community.
  • 9/8/17
    Compliance oversees policies and programs including: financial conflicts of interest; responsible conduct of research, intellectual and creative activity; and export controls.
  • 2/13/20
    The Office of Research Advancement supports the university’s research and scholarly community in the pursuit of external grant and research funding. Comprehensive administrative and technical support is available to researchers as they form their research teams, identify collaborators, refine their projects and develop their proposals. Working with UB faculty, our goal is to help create highly competitive proposals to support promising research and advance university initiatives.    
  • 3/18/19
    UB’s Sponsored Projects Services partners with the university community to prepare and submit proposals for sponsored funding and provides stewardship of awarded funds to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and policies. 
  • 4/9/21
    The UB Technology Transfer (TT) office guides researchers as their discoveries and inventions become new products and services. TT also facilitates contracts related to business-university partnerships.