Ordering Non-Catalog Items

You can add non-catalog items to your cart. Non-catalog items should be entered when a requisitioner cannot find the item needed from hosted or punch-out catalogs. 

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Order Non-Catalog Items

1. Select Non-Catalog Item

On home screen, in the “Shop” widget, select “Non-Catalog Item” (Figure 1).

Figure 1 of purchasing a non catalog item module.

Figure 1

2. Enter Supplier Name

Enter the supplier name in “enter the Supplier” box (Figure 2).

Figure 2 of purchase non catalog item.

Figure 2

3. Choose Correct Fulfillment Center

When searching the supplier, make sure you are choosing the correct fulfillment center. You can ensure this by clicking “select different fulfillment center” and scrolling through the list (Figure 3).
Figure 3 of purchase non catalog item step.

Figure 3

4. Enter Product Description

Once you have selected the right fulfillment center, enter in the Product description, catalog number, quantity, price, and packaging (Figure 4).
Figure 4 of purchase non catalog item step.

Figure 4

5. Add Additional Items

If you need to add another product, click “save and add another line” to repeat the step above. Click save and close once you have finished this step and continue to check out (Figure 5).

Figure 5 or purchase non catalog item step.

Figure 5

6. Look for a New Supplier

If you cannot find the supplier you are looking for type “new supplier” in the enter supplier box (Figure 6).
Figure 6 of purchase non catalog item step.

Figure 6

7. Enter Product Description

For a new supplier, type in product description, the catalog number, quantity, Price, and packaging in the select boxes. 

8. Save Your Order

Select save and close once you have completed the above steps. 

9. Checkout

After saving, continue to checkout.