EthicsPoint — Frequently Asked Questions

EthicsPoint is a safe and confidential reporting channel — no retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for reporting or inquiring, in good faith, about potential breaches of university policies or procedures or for seeking guidance on how to manage suspected misconduct.

  • What is EthicsPoint?

    EthicsPoint is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist management and employees in working together to address fraud, abuse and other misconduct in the workplace. UB and EthicsPoint are focused on cultivating a positive work environment.

  • How do I contact EthicsPoint?

    You can access this secure website at and reach the confidential hotline by dialing 844-678-0455, toll-free within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico or Guam.

  • Why does UB need an ethics hotline?

    An effective reporting system will augment our efforts to foster a continued culture of integrity and ethical decision-making. Reporting allows UB to investigate and address situations that negatively impact the university community.

  • Is EthicsPoint in place as a reaction to a specific event or issue within the UB community?

    No. UB began the process of researching vendor partners in 2015. Reporting practices in higher education institutions are increasingly important, and EthicsPoint provides us with an additional tool to effectively manage risks that are unique to the college and university environment. 

  • What should I report?

    Some of the issues and behaviors may include:

    • financial and academic fraud or theft
    • internal accounting controls
    • academic misconduct
    • unethical behavior

    on any of UB’s three campuses or in the campus workplace.

  • Does UB really want me to report?

    Yes. Ethical conduct is the most important core value of the UB community. Unethical conduct hurts our community, including our faculty, staff and students. If you are aware of misconduct or ethical violations, UB wants to know about those concerns and determine how best to address them.

  • Where do these reports go? Who may access them?

    Reports are entered directly on the EthicsPoint secure server to prevent any possible breach in security. EthicsPoint makes these reports available only to specific individuals within the university who are charged with evaluating the report, based on the type of violation and location of the incident. Each report recipient has had training in keeping this information in the utmost confidence.

  • How does EthicsPoint maintain callers' anonymity?

    • EthicsPoint does not generate or maintain any internal connection logs with IP addresses, so no information linking your PC to EthicsPoint is available. EthicsPoint is contractually committed not to pursue a reporter’s identity.
    • If you feel uncomfortable making a report on your work PC, you have the option of accessing the EthicsPoint secure website from outside of work. It is important to use a secure Internet connection to ensure complete anonymity.
  • Is EthicsPoint appropriate for reporting emergencies?

    This hotline is not for reporting emergencies. For reporting threats to life, personal safety, or theft of personal items, call 716-645-2222 to reach University Police or 911 for off-campus emergencies.

    Spam, phishing and other online security issues should be reported directly to Information Technology.

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