Marketing and Communications

Social Media Post Request

Social media is one of many ways Student Life programs, events, and services can be shared with our UB Community. Follow the request process below to share timely information on UB Student Experience – Student Life's divisional social media accounts.

New Request Process for Spring 2024

We have updated our process to make our social media post request process as easy and efficient as possible.

Please read the updates below and work with your BEATS rep if you have any questions.

#UBuffalo Social

Step 1. Calendar Reservation

These spreadsheets will be used to forecast/reserve dates in the content calendar for our divisional social media accounts.

Step 2. Submit Details

Rolling Monthly Deadlines

Deadlines will typically be during the 2nd last week of each month. Specific dates will be emailed to all Student Life marketing representatives.

[Updated: Jan 2024] Submit details about your program/event/service that will be used to write and support social media posts. This information will be submitted via the new columns in the Reservation Spreadsheets: Post Text, Post Link, and Post Image(s).

Additional context can be added to the "Notes" column.

Best Practices

More than Social Media Images Copy Our Platforms

More than Social Media

Social media is only one piece of a successful marketing plan. Have you double-checked or submitted updated information to the following platforms?

Do you have the following information in hand?

  • Finalized imagery/collateral
  • Partner accounts that can be tagged in your post(s)