Safety timer icon.

Safety Timer - UB Guardian

Notify selected people when you leave for a destination, and set a time by which you expect to arrive.

Applies to: UB students, faculty and staff

Operating system: iOS, Android

Last reviewed: September 4, 2018

SMS text message capability required for Guardians

When setting up a timer, you must choose a valid cell phone number (including area code) from your phone contacts list. The Guardian’s phone must be capable of receiving SMS text messages. If you specify an invalid contact phone number, the Guardian app will not warn you of the error. A "land-line" may not be used.


  1. Launch the UB Guardian app on your device
  2. Tap the Safety Timer icon
  3. Under Guardians, tap the + button
  4. The app will ask permission to access your contacts; choose Allow and select contacts.
  5. Under Timer Session Notes, type information about where you are going, where you might stop, or people you might see on the way.
  6. Use the Time slider to set your expected travel time.
  7. Tap the Start Timer button. Your guardians will be notified that you are leaving for your destination.
  8. Tap the blue stopwatch icon in the lower right to add or subtract time, place an emergency call, or Cancel your timer.
  9. When you arrive safely at your destination, tap Deactivate > OK. Your guardians will be notified.

Common Questions

How will I know that a Guardian is actively monitoring my Safety Timer session?

You will not receive a notification that your guardian is actively monitoring the Safety Timer session.  However, if a guardian is actively monitoring, you will see "At least 1 Guarding watching this session" in the upper right corner of the Safety Timer map. 

Still need help?

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