Host Virtual Guests Using Zoom in UB Classrooms

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB instructors

Last Updated: January 23, 2024


1. Unlock the teaching station by entering its 6-digit combination using the touchscreen panel

2. Log into your preferred conferencing software -- Zoom.

3. Sign into the software using your UBITName and password.

4. Prepare the microphone:

  • Most smaller classrooms have a microphone in the ceiling tiles or a button microphone on the teaching station. Use the Microphone button on the touch panel to turn the mic on or off.
  • In classrooms with wireless lapel and handheld microphones:
    1. Press Unlock Accessory (or Microphone) Drawer on the touch panel and open the drawer
    2. Look for the clip-on lapel microphone.
    3. Power the lapel mic on, check that the battery level is at least 3 bars and clip the lapel mic to your shirt.
    4. Adjust the microphone volume using the Microphone Control button on the touch panel.

5. Adjust the camera to your preferred preset, select Camera Control on the touch panel.

6. The conferencing software may default to the WolfVision document camera. Click the caret on the stop/start video button and choose the option that does not include “WolfVision” in the name.

7. Once your virtual guests have arrived, control the volume of the room’s speakers on the right of the touchscreen touch panel. The control will be labeled Program Audio or Room Audio.

8. Use the recording functionality of the conferencing software to record to the cloud.

9. When your class is finished, remember to log out of Zoom.

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