LISTSERV® for Group Email

Learn how to, create, manage and control electronic mailing lists at UB. LISTSERV® mailing lists are available for official UB academics, business and clubs.

How LISTSERV® Mailing Lists Work

Each member subscribed to a particular mailing list receives a copy of every message sent to that list via email. LISTSERV® mailing lists are email-based and can function as announcement platforms, moderated lists or discussions lists.

You can use a LISTSERV® mailing list to send email to an entire class, using just the address for the LISTSERV® list.

Using the LISTSERV® Web Interface

List Subscribers (Members)

From the LISTSERV® Web Interface, subscribers should click Log in at the top, then enter their UB email address and UBIT password to log in. Click Subscriber Web Interface in the left-hand column. From there, subscribers can:

  • View their LISTSERV® membership
  • Update their subscriber settings for a list
  • Join and leave lists
  • View list archives (if available)

List Owners

From the LISTSERV® Web Interface, click List Owner Interface (login required) from the left-hand column, then log in with your email address and UBIT password. List owners can:

  • Request a new list or delete a list
  • Repopulate a class list
  • Add, remove and update subscriber email addresses
  • Join and leave lists
  • View public list archives and see email commands
  • Find list owner training and manage your list subscriptions

Common Questions

Is there a message size limit when sending from a LISTSERV®?
Yes, the maximum message size for a message sent through LISTSERV® is 10MB. This is a global value across all lists and cannot be changed. The actual message size permitted to be sent may be slightly less, as LISTSERV® adds extra information in the headers that consumes some space.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.