Re-enroll in eduroam Wi-Fi

You will receive an email when your device is within 30 days of expiring.

If you did not receive an email, no action is required.

An illustration of a man and a woman accessing a Wi-Fi network.

Every five years, UBIT will ask you to re-enroll your personal devices in eduroam Wi-Fi in order to keep our network safe. 


  1. Once you receive the email notification, open up the device that needs to be re-enrolled while you are on-campus
  2. Access the re-enrollment wizard by either:
  3. Click Configure and Connect
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to download and run the re-enrollment wizard

Common questions

I connect to the UB Wi-Fi with several devices. Will I need to do this for every one of them?

Yes. When your other devices' certificates expire, you will receive a separate notification email.

Do I need to be on campus when I re-enroll?

Yes, you must be on campus to complete the re-enrollment. In the final step, you will connect to eduroam Wi-Fi.