Configuring eduroam Wi-Fi for Linux

Set up your Linux device to automatically connect to eduroam, UB’s secure, preferred Wi-Fi network.

Operating System: Linux  

Applies To: UB students, faculty, staff, researchers 

Last Updated: December 4, 2023


Note: Administrative privileges are needed on your device.

1. Select UB Connect from your available Wi-Fi networks

2. Open your web browser and go to

3. Click Start Connection Wizard

4. Click Configure and Connect  

5. The application will download

6. You will be prompted to download a script called

7. Click Save File, click OK, then open the Terminal

8. Navigate to the Downloads folder by typing in cd Downloads and press Enter

9. Type in sh and press Enter to run the script file to configure eduroam

10. Enter your UBITName and UBITName Password in their respective fields and press Enter

Common Questions

Why do I get an error stating I am missing python dbus file when I try the "sh" command when I try connect to eduroam with Arch Linux (or a variant)?

Install the libraries. Run in a terminal (case sensitive):
sudo pacman -S python-dbus

Then the "sh" command will run successfully.

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