Log Into a UB-Owned Computer from Off Campus After Changing Your Password

After using the Identity Manager tool to change your password, university-managed Windows computers that utilize UBAD for login are not able to use your new password until they are connected to the UB network by either being on campus or through UBVPN from off campus.

Operating System: Windows

Applies To: UB faculty or staff connecting with UB-owned computers from off campus after changing their password with UB Identity Manager

Last Updated: March 14, 2022


  1.   At home, power up your UB PC and log in using the old password
  2.   Establish a UBVPN connection using your UBITName and new password.  UBVPN is required so that the laptop can communicate with UB’s active directory services which are restricted to on campus (including UBVPN)
  3.  Once connected to UBVPN, a pop-up notification may appear in the lower right of the Windows screen near the clock as the computer communicates with on-campus Active Directory servers
  4. Whether or not you see that pop-up, synchronize the new password to the Windows laptop by locking and unlocking the screen:
    1. Simultaneously press either the “Windows logo key and letter l" or “Ctrl-Alt-Delete
    2. Select Lock
  5. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, enter your new password and press Enter to unlock
  6. The new password is now available on the laptop and should be used to log in going forward.
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