What UB students told us: the 2020 UBIT Student Experience Survey

A student attends graduation online from a private residence.

Published April 21, 2021

Amid a pandemic that fundamentally changed the student experience, over 1,500 took the time to tell us how technology plays a role in our 24th annual survey. Here is what they said.


For the first time, remote learning was the norm

95% of UB students who responded to our survey said they were taking at least one class online during the Fall 2020 semester. How did this departure from the norm affect students?

While most students who responded (72%) said they were comfortable with online learning, only 22% thought that online learning was completely without its own challenges. 27% said they struggled with frequent distractions, while 24% had trouble sticking to their schedule.

When it comes to comfort with UB’s technology tools for online learning, the highest marks went to UB Learns (88%), Zoom (83%) and Panopto (64%). 

Which third-party sites and apps are students using?

The number of apps and websites for students grows with every year. Informed in part by data from UBIT’s annual survey, UB identifies critical apps for students and, when appropriate, provides them for students, as it did with Zoom (which over 98% of respondents used in 2020).

When it comes to apps not provided by UB, the top responses were:

  • Top Hat (22%; while UB does not provide Top Hat directly to students, it has entered into a partnership with Top Hat to provide better prices and support)
  • Piazza (15%)
  • Khan Academy (14%)
  • Chegg (11%)

Thank you to everyone who responded!

Student input continually shapes and improves the technology services we offer at UB. From student input sessions to our annual survey, social media and beyond, UBIT is always listening to what students have to say about our services.