Faculty: log into Panopto at the start of the semester to link your Zoom recordings

A woman wearing a mask works on a laptop in a UB classroom.

Photo by Douglas Levere 

Published October 2, 2020

If you’re teaching with Zoom, make it easier for your students to view your class recordings—and easier for you to edit and caption them. Just log into Panopto at the start of each semester, and your Zoom recordings will automatically be uploaded to your Panopto account.


To play, edit and share your recorded Zoom meetings using your UB Panopto account, log into ub.hosted.panopto.com and navigate to My Folder > Meeting Recordings.

Easier for you: editing and captioning

Panopto has easy editing features you can use to cut out dead air, delete mistakes and otherwise trim your video to only the essential information.

Panopto also has advanced captioning options that make it easier for faculty to meet accessibility guidelines and benefit students who need accommodations.

Easier for students: share anywhere

Panopto is integrated with UB Learns so you can automatically share your course recordings with your entire class. You can also share Panopto recordings with a link and embed Panopto recordings on a website.

Get help with Panopto

New to Panopto? Dig in with helpful guides, tutorial videos and more—visit buffalo.edu/ubit/panopto.

You can get help with Panopto Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET by emailing support@panopto.com or calling (855) 765-2341.