UB Learns and Panopto

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: September 1, 2022

Adding Panopto Video Content to UB Learns

The Panopto integration provides the tools to add and manage Panopto video files from inside UB Learns course sites. Video files and classroom lecture recordings added to UB Learns course sites allow students to watch on any computer, laptop or mobile device.

Video Tutorial


To use the Panopto content in UB Learns you must provision your course with the Panopto Course Tool Application link.

Common Questions

Why are people getting a "Request Access for Video" error?

Either change the sharing setting inside Panopto to “Anyone at your organization with the link” or use the Panopto Video Embed tool. Viewers should enable third-party cookies in their browser.

Why don't I see the Panopto Content link?

Provision your course (see Step 1 above) before you can use Panopto video with your course.  

Why didn't my grades import into the Grade Center?

After students answer the final question by clicking Finish they must also click Continue in order for the grades to be imported.

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