Update Jabber today to fix security vulnerabilities and bugs

A UB employee works on a desktop computer, wearing a headset.

Published December 18, 2020

You can download the latest, most secure version of Jabber from the UBIT website.


If you’re using Jabber on a UB-owned computer, your IT support staff will keep your version of Jabber updated automatically. But if you installed Jabber yourself on your Windows or macOS computer, we strongly recommend updating to the latest version.

Cisco Jabber 12.9.0 was released in August 2020, adding easier search for Jabber Rooms, headset update reminders and more.

The latest versions, 12.9.3 for Windows and 12.9.4 for macOS, are now available to fix various bugs and security issues.

The following updates are also included in the latest versions of Jabber:

  • Improved H.264 high-profile codec support for higher quality video with less bandwidth
  • Ability to assign a ringtone to each phone line provisioned in Jabber for Windows or macOS
  • Support for Android 10, and end of support for Android 5
  • Option to create and forward voicemail messages from Jabber Mobile
  • Ability to pause and resume Webex Recordings using Jabber for Mac in a Webex meeting.

Get help with Jabber

For help using Cisco Jabber, contact your departmental IT support, or the UBIT Help Center (buffalo.edu/ubit/help) at 716-645-3542.