New in Jabber: search Rooms more easily, headset update reminders and more

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Published August 20, 2020

See what else is new in version 12.9.0.


While you might not notice much of a visual difference in the latest version of Jabber, there are several changes designed to help UB employees better manage their communications and busy schedule. See below for some highlights.

Jabber is software that allows UB employees to send and receive calls from their UB phone number on a computer or mobile device. It also features chat, integration with Webex and more. To start using Jabber, or for information about when you’ll see the latest version on your UB-owned devices, contact your departmental IT support

What’s new in version 12.9.0?

  • Headset update reminders. If you’re using a Cisco headset, Jabber can now detect whether your headset needs an update. A dialog will appear, reminding you to update and showing you the progress of your update.
  • Search for Jabber Rooms more easily. Jabber Rooms were recently introduced to help UB employees communicate better while working remotely. Now, when you’re on the Rooms tab in Jabber, you can use the search bar at the top to search for Rooms by name.
  • Webex meeting reminders appear sooner. Previously, Jabber would remind you of an upcoming Webex meeting with a Join Now button in the Messages tab 5 minutes before the beginning of the meeting. Now, that button appears 15 minutes before your Webex meeting.
  • Park calls from the desktop. Now, you can park a call you receive on your computer, and pick it up from your UB Phone or another device with Jabber.
  • Office 2019 now support on macOS. Jabber can communicate with Microsoft Outlook to display your availability status in Outlook. Now this feature is available for those using macOS with Office 2019.
  • Separate ringtones for different lines. Many of us manage multiple phone lines in our roles at UB. Now you can use Jabber to select a different ringtone for each line, for better insight into which line you’re answering when a call comes in.

In addition to these and other minor changes, version 12.9.0 of Jabber also fixes several bugs for a better customer experience.

Get help with Jabber

For help using Cisco Jabber, contact your departmental IT support, or the UBIT Help Center ( at 716-645-3542.