Placing Calls on Hold, Parking Calls and Diverting to Voicemail

When you need to take care of something or answer another call, you can put your call on hold. When you want to switch phones, you can park a call and retrieve it at a different phone.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh, Linux

Applies to: Faculty and Staff; Student employees who have access to a campus telephone

Last Updated: November 15, 2016

Placing a Call on Hold

  1. While on a call, press the Hold soft key.
  2. To retrieve a call, press the Resume soft key.

Placing a Call on Hold to Answer Another Call

To answer an incoming call while on another call, press the Answer soft key, which automatically places the first caller on hold.

Use the up and down arrow (Navigation)buttons to return to the first caller, then press the Resume soft key.

Parking a Call to Switch to Another Phone

  1. While on a call, press the Park soft key.
  2. Note the call park number given on the phone’s display and hang up.
  3. Pick up the handset of the other phone.
  4. Press * and then type the call park number.

A call will remain parked for 120 seconds. If not retrieved, the call will ring back to the phone it originated from.

Sending a Call Direct to Voicemail

Press the idivert soft key to divert calls directly to voicemail.

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