Trouble connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi? Try this

A group of students work on laptops and phones together on the third floor of Silverman Library.

Published August 1, 2019

eduroam is UB’s preferred Wi-Fi network. Why? Because it’s fast, secure, and you can take it with you when you travel. But connecting your device for the first time can be tricky. Follow these steps to get connected, and stay connected, to eduroam Wi-Fi.


Why can’t I just connect like normal?

Although you may be tempted to just enter your UBITName and password to connect to eduroam, eduroam is an international network of schools that share Wi-Fi, which means it isn’t specific to UB.

While this has its perks—like automatically connecting to eduroam when you travel to a member school—it can complicate things for those of us who are used to connecting to Wi-Fi by entering a username and password. 

UBIT has develop a process to make connecting to eduroam easier. Follow the steps to connect your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Get connected to eduroam

1.    Start with UB Connect

UB Connect is the starting point for Wi-Fi at UB for everyone, no matter who you are or what device you’re connecting. UB Connect is also a guest network for your friends, family and other invited guests to browse the web while on campus.

2.    Open a browser and type in “”

Type it exactly like that—without the www.—or click this link to navigate to You should see a screen inviting you to connect to eduroam.

You should know that, if the default browser on your mobile device is Firefox, you may have to select a different browser, as Firefox isn’t supported.

3.     Click Configure and Connect and follow the steps for your device

On an iPhone or iPad, clicking this button will prompt you to download and install a profile, a special kind of certificate granting your device a connection to eduroam. Click Allow, then, go to Settings and select Profile Downloaded. Tap Install to finish the process.

On other devices, you will be prompted to download and install an app that will walk you through this same process. But the concept is the same—your device is being configure to guarantee a secure connection to eduroam.

4.     That’s it!

After following these steps, your device will automatically disconnect from UB Connect and connect to eduroam, where it will stay connected whenever you are on UB’s campus, or at another of the thousands of campuses across the world where eduroam is available.

Get help with Wi-Fi

The UBIT Help Center can help you get your devices connected to the right network for you. Chat with them live online at, call 716-645-3542, or visit our walk-up Help Center location in Silverman Library

Students can also book an appointment with Tech Squad, UB’s free on-campus tech support team just for students. Book your appointment online at