UBbox works wherever you do

Students work in a group with their laptops during a lecture.

Published September 12, 2018

New ways to easily open, edit and share your UBbox files are here to fit your workflow.

UBbox is unlimited, secure cloud storage you can access from any device. New tools are being developed all the time to make UBbox easier to use, no matter who you are and how you work. 

Here are the latest additions and changes to UBbox’s growing list of supporting apps. Some may require admin rights to install on your machine, so if you’re using a UB-owned device, your IT support staff can help set them up.

Open and save files to UBbox from Microsoft Office apps: Install Box for Office (Windows)

Box for Office makes UBbox an integrated part of your Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can open, edit and save documents in UBbox just like you would any other file.

Because you aren’t opening or uploading UBbox files on the web in a separate step, you’ll save time every single time you open and save a document, all while ensuring your files are securely stored and available wherever you need them.

Edit and share UBbox files from your desktop: Install Box Drive

Box Drive makes it easier to share and sync files to UBbox from your desktop by adding your UBbox folder to your desktop as a removable drive. You can edit and save your files directly in Box Drive, and you can drag-and-drop most files to sync them. It works just like a flash drive.

When you open the Box Drive folder on your desktop, you’ll notice your files have icons next to them. The icons tell you the status of your file in the cloud:

Your file is saved to UBbox
You file is currently being uploaded to UBbox

There is a problem with your file (see a description of common problems)

Your file is currently locked while another person is editing it

If you right-click any of your files, you’ll see a list of UBbox-specific actions you can take. You can email or share a file, manage collaborators, even lock a file to prevent others from editing it, all with a click.

Access UBbox from a phone or tablet: Install Box Mobile

UBbox has powerful mobile apps to help you work with your files even when you’re not near your desktop or laptop.

To get started, install the Box Mobile app on your iOS or Android device. This will give you access to view, share and download all your files on your phone or tablet.

If you’re working in the field—or even just a coffee shop—download the Capture app for iOS. With Capture, you can easily grab photos, scan paper documents and take voice memos, then upload them to UBbox, all with one app.

If you’re using an Apple device, make sure you’re running iOS version 11 or higher—Box apps aren’t supported on earlier versions. Also, you shouldn’t use the Box mobile app if you store restricted data like social security numbers.

Get help with UBbox

If you need help with anything UBbox related, contact the UBIT Help Center—they can even help you get set up if you haven’t started using it yet.

Visit buffalo.edu/ubit/help, or call 716-645-3542.