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Published September 12, 2019

Want the choice of Microsoft Word or Google Docs? UBbox fits either into your workflow, so you can enjoy the convenience of secure storage and easy file sharing, no matter how you work.


UBbox is secure cloud storage you can access from any device. New tools are being developed all the time to make UBbox easier to use, no matter who you are and how you work. 

Get the most out of UBbox by installing add-ons that integrate UBbox into Microsoft Office, Google's G-Suite apps, and on your desktop.

Some may require admin rights to install on your machine, so if you’re using a UB-owned device, your IT support staff can help set them up.

Open and save files to UBbox from Microsoft Office apps: Install Box for Office (Windows)

Box for Office adds UBbox features like automatic saving and easy sharing to your Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Once Box for Office is installed, look for new UBbox features in your app's ribbon.

Once Box for Office is installed, take advantage of these time-saving features:

  • Save a new file to UBbox: After you've created a new file in Word, PowerPoint or Excel, click the Upload button in your ribbon's new Box section, and your file will be uploaded to UBbox. Not only will it be backed up in the cloud, but any changes you make going forward will also automatically be saved.
  • Share a file from Word, PowerPoint or Excel: Once uploaded to UBbox, quickly generate a link to share your file by clicking the Share button in your ribbon's Box section.
  • Open and edit files from UBbox: With Box for Office installed, open any Word, PowerPoint or Excel document stored in UBbox from your desktop apps. Just go to Open, Box and then click Browse Box. Any file you open from UBbox will automatically lock so others can't edit it at the same time.

Get UBbox's powerful security and backup features for your Google Docs and Sheets: Install Box for G-Suite

People love G-Suite apps like Google Docs and Sheets because you can create, open and edit them anywhere, and easily collaborate with others in real-time.

By installing Box for G-Suite, you can take advantage of these features while also benefitting from the added security, commenting and backup features of UBbox.

With Box for G-Suite, you can:
  • Create, open, and edit Google documents right from UBbox. The first time you do this, you'll need to sign into your Google account
  • Use G Suite’s real-time editing tools and auto-save changes directly back to UBbox
  • Invite and work with others in real-time, and track all changes in UBbox
  • Use UBbox's version history and commenting features with your Google Docs and Sheets
  • Make use of UBbox’s different permission levels and ensure your content is protected by UBbox's advanced security

Edit and share UBbox files from your desktop, even offline: Install Box Drive

Box Drive makes it easier to share and sync files to UBbox from your desktop by adding your UBbox folder to your desktop as a removable drive. You can edit and save your files directly in Box Drive, and you can drag-and-drop most files to sync them. It works just like a flash drive.

Box Drive keeps your files in sync with UBbox while connected to the internet. You can mark any folder, and all its contents, to be available offline by right-clicking and selecting "Make Available Offline." The contents of your folder will begin downloading immediately.

Photo text: Everything saves to Box. You content will download, and can be accessed/edited even when offline. When you re-connect, everything syncs with Box.

If you right-click any of your files, you’ll see a list of UBbox-specific actions you can take. You can email or share a file, manage collaborators, even lock a file to prevent others from editing it, all with a click.

Get help with UBbox

If you need help with anything UBbox related, contact the UBIT Help Center—they can even help you get set up if you haven’t started using it yet. Visit buffalo.edu/ubit/help, or call 716-645-3542.