Sharing files easily through Jabber

A UBIT staff member sitting at a desk with a computer, smiling at the camera while a video of a colleague appears onscreen.

Published October 26, 2018

Jabber brings your UB phone features to your desktop, laptop or mobile device. But it can do a lot more. It’s also a full-featured chat client you can use to share messages and files with your colleagues.

New functionality in Jabber gives you three different ways to share files.

From your device


You can attach and send any file on your device by selecting the paperclip icon at the bottom of the conversation window.

From UBbox

UBbox is integrated with Jabber, so you can share anything stored in your UBbox account with a click. Just select the UBbox icon.

From your screen

You can quickly create and send an image of anything on your screen directly in Jabber. Just click the screen capture icon (the rectangle next to the paperclip icon), then draw a rectangle around the part of the screen you want to send. Then, press enter.

This will automatically turn your screen selection into an image that will be visible directly in your Jabber conversation, and then send it to your colleague (or colleagues, if you’re in a group chat).

In fact, you can share most images in Jabber by clicking and dragging them from your desktop.

Get started with Jabber

Jabber turns your Windows or Mac machine into a full-featured alternative to your phone. In addition to sending and receiving calls, getting voicemail, participating in conference calls and more, Jabber adds the ability to use instant messaging and set custom status updates.

If you are a UB faculty or staff member, you can request Jabber using the UBIT Help Center online form. Just select Jabber under the Phone Role menu. You can also talk directly to your departmental IT support staff.

Help with phones

For help with any phone services, include Jabber, contact the UBIT Help Center, by phone at 716-645-3542, online at, or at one of our walk-up locations on North or South Campus.