Step-By-Step Instructions

Sending Files Through Jabber

Learn how to send files and screenshots to colleagues.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh

Applies to: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: October 9, 2018


All participants must use Jabber or another compatible client, and be part of the University at Buffalo. When file and image sharing is available, your Jabber client conversation window will display a paperclip symbol.

Sending Files

To send a file, click the paper clip icon and select the file.  

Sending Files from Your UBbox

UBbox, UB’s unlimited cloud storage, is built into Jabber. Select the UBbox icon to select files.

Sending a Screen Capture

  1. Press the screen capture button, located next to the paperclip button.
  2. Draw a rectangle around an area of your screen, which turns into an image automatically, ready to be sent.
  3. After selecting an area of the screen, press Enter to send it to your colleague or group chat. You can also paste many images, such as screenshots, right into the chat entry area. 

Common Questions

Where can I find files sent to me?

  • In Windows, Documents >  MyJabberFiles.
  • On a Mac, in the Downloads folder.

What is the size limit that can be sent or received?

 50 MB

Can I send files over a mobile Jabber client?

Yes. Press the green “+” circle in the chat window.

See also

Cisco Jabber - Privacy for information about how Jabber may record information you transmit or receive, and how this information may be recorded by parties you interact with.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.