Get connected, and stay connected, to Wi-Fi at UB

Three students work at a picnic table outside on UB's campus, with a laptop.

Photo by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Published September 6, 2018

Wi-Fi is never perfect. Anyone who uses it knows the frustration when it's not working right.

You may have noticed challenges with staying connected to eduroam Wi-Fi during the first week of the Fall 2018 semester. This was due to specific network settings that were not optimized for the extremely high volume of activity on UB's network. These problems have been corrected.

For the everyday Wi-Fi pitfalls like occasional dropped or weak signals, here are some suggestions for getting the most out of Wi-Fi at UB.

Connect to eduroam

Eduroam is UB’s Wi-Fi network. It’s fast, secure, and will connect you automatically at hundreds of other universities when you travel.

The most sure-fire way to connect a desktop, laptop or mobile device to eduroam is to start by connecting to the UB Connect network, then following the instructions on the UBIT website to establish a connection to eduroam. Remember to use your full UBmail ( address and UBITName password.  

Once you’ve done this, your device should connect immediately, and stay connected, whenever you’re in range.

There are separate instructions for devices without a web browser, like some smart TVs, wireless printers and gaming consoles, to make the process easy.

Beware the pitfalls

You should always make sure your device’s operating system and software is up to date. Not only does outdated software pose a security threat, it can affect your device’s ability to stay connected too.

Using personal wireless routers or hotspots can disrupt a signal too. The availability of UB’s Wi-Fi networks (and wired ResNet) should make these unnecessary, and turning off the Wi-Fi on routers makes the eduroam signal stronger for everyone.

Wi-Fi coverage may also be limited in places like bathrooms and stairwells, or even near microwaves and wireless speakers, since the construction materials and infrastructure can be disruptive. The good news is, in most cases, if you always experience problems with Wi-Fi in a particular spot, UBIT can help.

Talk to us

UBIT has the knowledge and resources to fix persistent Wi-Fi problems—if you're a UB student, UB Tech Squad is standing by to help (and don’t forget, they’ll come to you!). But they can’t do anything about Wi-Fi problems if they don’t know about them.

Take a minute to let the UBIT Help Center know when you’re experiencing Wi-Fi problems. You can submit a ticket online or call them at 716-645-3542. Be sure to tell them where you are and what device you’re using.

The more people speak up when there’s a problem, the clearer the problem will be to the UBIT Help Center—and the faster it’ll be resolved.