Distributed IT Leadership

Colleges and Schools

The College of Arts and Sciences, 11 professional schools and a graduate division at Roswell Park Cancer Institute each provide information technology support to their constituents and participate in IT leadership at UB.

  • Martin Camacho.

    Martin Camacho, Assistant Dean for Technology

    Address: 810 Clemens Hall
    Phone: 716-645-5641
    Email: camacho@buffalo.edu

    CAS Educational Technology (CASet) provides comprehensive information technology services and support to the College of Arts and Sciences, excluding the five departments within the Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM) disciplines. CASet provides IT support to faculty, staff and student populations which use CASet computing facilities.


  • Michael Tinsmon.

    Michael Tinsmon, Director of Information Technology

    Address: 367 Baldy Hall
    Phone: 716-645-1001
    Email: tinsmon@buffalo.edu

    The Graduate School of Education Information and Instructional Technology staff are here to provide information and assistance as well as a technological infrastructure to GSE's faculty and staff in support of GSE's mission.

  • School of Architecture and Planning

    Subbiah Mantharam.

    Subbiah Mantharam, Assistant Dean

    Address: 120 Hayes Hall
    Phone: 716-829-3793
    Email: subbiah@buffalo.edu

    IT services provides information technology support to the faculty, staff and students within the School of Architecture and Planning.

  • Kunther Kohn.

    Gunther Kohn, Chief Information Officer

    Address: 108 Squire Hall
    Phone: 716-829-2057
    Email: gkohn@buffalo.edu

    The Office of Information Resources ensures that the pursuit of the School of Dental Medicine's vision is supported by state-of-the-art Information Technology that establishes the School at the cutting edge of innovation and excellence in dental education, research, and patient care.

    Information Technology at the UB School of Dental Medicine plays an increasingly important role in preparing future dentists for the practice of modern dentistry and contributes to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of oral health care of our patients. It helps the faculty and staff work more productively, enables faculty to teach more effectively and helps improve the operational efficiency of our dental care clinics.

  • Photo not available - Jason Lasker, Director, SENS.

    Jason Lasker, Director of SENS

    Address: 104 Bell Hall
    Phone: 716-645-4690
    Email: lasker@buffalo.edu

    Science & Engineering Node Services (SENS) is a full-service, customer-oriented support organization at the University at Buffalo that provides computer and technical support and assistance for six of the seven departments of UB Engineering (SEAS) and the five departments of the College of Arts and Sciences who comprise the Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM).

    Christian Miller.

    Christian Miller, Director of Information Technology

    Address: 355 Davis Hall
    Phone: 716-645-4764
    Email: cwmiller@buffalo.edu

    CSE IT offers a knowledgebase to self-serve faculty and students. We also have a full-time IT staff dedicated to helping CSE faculty, staff and students.

  • Brandon Tubinis.

    Brandon Tubinis, School of Law IT Operations Manager

    Address: 221 O'Brian Hall
    Phone: 716-645-7393
    Email: btubinis@buffalo.edu

    School of Law Information Technology

    Law IT is a full-service, customer-oriented department, providing technology support for the School of Law’s students, faculty and staff.

  • Dave Costello.

    David Costello, Assistant Dean

    Address: 133 Jacobs Hall
    Phone: 716-645-3210
    Email: dcostell@buffalo.edu


    The School of Management IT department, within the Office of Resource Management, provides support to school’s faculty, staff, and student employees.  This support includes: the administrative server management and security; the school’s web presence and web applications;  eleven (11) technology-equipped classrooms; desktop configuration, procurement, and support; desktop security (software patching, antivirus, and firewall); access to financial databases; serves as a liaison to centrally-supported technology services such as email, VoIP telephone service, and access to the data network.  The staff also manages the Jacobs computer lab.

  • Brian Murphy.

    Brian W. Murphy, Interim Director, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

    Address: 955 Main St. Suite 6110
    Buffalo, NY 14203
    Phone: 716-829-2106
    Email: bwmurphy@buffalo.edu

    We support computer services to our students, residents, faculty and staff and provide resources to help resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements.

    OMC Support Email: omc-req@buffalo.edu

  • Kimberly Behun.

    Tim Knab, Director Of Network And User Support, School of Nursing

    Address: 220A Wende
    Phone: 716-829-2060
    Email: knab@buffalo.edu

    School of Nursing Technical Services

    School of Nursing Technology Services provides information technology (IT) and educational technology (Ed-Tech) support to the faculty and staff within the School of Nursing.


  • Adalberto Delarosa.

    Adalberto Delarosa, Director of Information Technology

    Address: 156 Pharmacy Building
    Phone: 716-645-2259
    Email: delarosa@buffalo.edu

    Information Technology includes services such as technical support, server management, web management, web-based applications and classroom/instructional technology support.

  • Keith Conroy.

    Keith Conroy, Director of IT Services

    Address: 611 Kimball Hall
    Phone: 716-829-6762
    Email: krconroy@buffalo.edu

    IT Services serves the research, administrative and educational information technology needs of our faculty, staff and students in the School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP). The IT Support Services Team oversee the School's computer, web and network infrastructure. Their many responsibilities include server maintenance, account creation, email administration, data security, and site-licensed software; network troubleshooting, drops and hubs; phone/VoIP systems; swipe card and video survellance systems; and computer/printer repair and upgrades.  IT Services also administers website development/structure, accessibility, usability, and security; databases (including development), forms and web statistics.

  • unavailable photo.

    Richard Amantia, Director Technology Services and Network Administrator

    Address: 661 Baldy Hall
    Phone: 716-645-1246
    Email: amantia@buffalo.edu

    School of Social Work Technology Services

    The Technology Services unit supports the School's academic programs, Faculty research, The Buffalo Center for Social Research,  and Continuing Education by providing a strong, yet flexible technology infrastructure for the school's faculty and staff.

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