Sustainable Living Fair aims to inspire

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BY DAVID HILL  republished from UBNow

Release date: September 9, 2019

You’ve probably heard of the “triple bottom line” approach to sustainability. But do you really know what it is? The Professional Staff Senate is inviting members of the UB community to find out at this year’s Sustainable Living Fair.

The event takes place from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sept. 23 in the lobby of the Student Union, North Campus. As in previous years, the fair is happening in conjunction with the Pride of New York Showcase, hosted by Campus Dining & Shops in the Special Events Field, across from the Student Union.

There will be between 25 and 30 vendors this year, and each contributes to one or more of the three pillars of the triple bottom line: social, environmental, financial.

“We are pleased to present a variety of vendors that can speak to the different aspects of the three pillars of sustainability,” says Janiece Jankowski, University Libraries’ manager of circulation services and a member of the PSS steering committee that spends months organizing the event.

“It’s an educational opportunity, but also a lot of fun. There will be therapy dogs and rescued birds and plenty of local food, along with a cow and calf. It’s a great opportunity to have your sustainability questions answered, as well as learn how you can make a difference,” Jankowski adds.

Vendors, many of which will be offering free samples, include Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, FeelRite Markets, Modern Disposal, the New York Power Authority and the Weavers Guild of Buffalo, among others. Several UB offices will be present as well.

“This year we are trying to impress upon the UB attendees that each vendor or organization has a connection to the ultimate sustainability of the planet,” says steering committee member Don Erb, senior sustainability associate at UB.

“Each vendor or organization contributes to the triple bottom line in our community, our region or somewhere on the planet. By illustrating this contribution, we hope that attendees will think about their own actions and their own contribution to a sustainable economy, a sustainable society and a sustainable world,” Erb says.

Attendees are welcome to stop by the fair at any point. Organizers hope the vendors inspire attendees to consider how they can be catalysts for change.

Fair exhibitors are playing lead roles in Western New York to raise awareness about the challenges of sustainability on a local, national or global level, Erb notes.

“Solutions often are about taking action locally and then scaling that action up on a larger scale,” he says. “The Sustainable Living Fair increases your personal awareness on how you can impact positive change as an individual or by joining a group and adding to that group’s synergy and impact.”

global goals.

Sustainable Development Goals:

13.    Climate action: Taking steps to combat climate change and its impacts 

16.    Peace, justice, & strong institutions: Promoting peace and justice with effective, accountable and inclusive institutions

17.    Partnerships for the goals: Revitalizing global partnerships for a sustainable future and strengthen the implementation of these goals