Sustainability Impact Team Members

Welcome to our showcase of the pilot year members of Student Sustainability Impact Team Members (SSIT)! These individuals have/are helping to further UB's 10-in-10 Climate Action Plan and our programming goals by being highly motivated, achievable Change Agents.

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SSIT Members

Abby Stressinger.

Abby Stressinger

Name: Abby Stressinger

Year: Senior

About Me: Hi! My name is Abby Stressinger and I was an SSIT member during my senior year. I am a Biology and Environmental Geosciences major and I am initially from Boston, NY. One of my personal passions is learning about our Earth's climate system, specifically how plants will respond to a warming and more extreme climate, and what we can do to adapt to this change. During my time at UB, I conducted research on plant leaf waxes to investigate the changes in a plant's natural organic compound production in temperate versus arctic climates! The aspect I loved most about going to UB was all the people I have met; everyone has a unique story, background, and dream they are pursuing. Over the next 25 years, I hope that UB continues to bring sustainable initiatives to the forefront of their attention. I hope to see more plant-based food options, improved renewable public transport, and increased usage of clean energies. 

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