Lina Mu


Lina Mu, UB associate professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health shares her thoughts on embedding sustainability into teaching and research as well as her daily life.

What kinds of sustainability related research/projects do you pursue at UB?

One of my major research areas is studying air pollution and potential health impacts. I have worked on several projects funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science aiming to improve personal air pollution exposure assessments, understanding the association between indoor and outdoor air pollution exposure and various diseases, and to explore potential underlying mechanisms related to air pollution exposure. 

How are students involved in your sustainability work?

Multiple graduate students have worked with me on the projects that are related to sustainability. Those projects include studying air pollution and health effects, investigating Massachusetts Avenue Project's Growing Green program, and exploring children's blood lead levels in Monroe and Livingston counties.

What are you doing to help UB become more sustainable?

I am a member of the UB sustainability research committee, and have been involved in sustainability related activities around UB. As the associate director of the office of UB global health initiatives, we have organized a series of seminars on the theme of “Climate Change”. The seminar series not only provided updates on cutting-edge research in climate change, but also increased the awareness of sustainability across campus.

What is the one thing you would like people to know that you do in your personal life to further sustainability?

Use less plastic bags from grocery store.

How could UB improve its sustainability efforts?

The overall improvement needs a strategic long-term plan. A first step might be increasing the awareness of UB sustainability initiatives among students, faculty and staff across the campus.